Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bumpy Return to Work & School

Returning to school or work after the long holidays is always tough, right? Last night, I suspected my daughter's return to nursery school today would be difficult and I was right. Little K was still sleeping when I entered her room this morning with a nice sippy cup of milk. (I wish someone woke me up that way... well, caffeine is preferable to milk but you get the idea.) As her little eyes slowly opened, I gave her a few minutes to wake up while I got out her clothes and got her diaper ready.

Minutes later, Little K was on the bedroom floor, screaming that she didn't want to get dressed. Now, I assure you that every day during the holidays, she got dressed but today it was a wrestling match. Mom won, of course.

Her teachers at school noticed a struggle was occurring when we walked in her classroom with a pacifier still in her mouth. Luckily, my daughter recognized the fun that was going to occur today and slowly handed over the prized "paci." I'll soon leave to pick my prized possession up from school and hope she had a pleasant return to school, albeit a bumpy start. Hope your families are off to a good start too.

Until the next nap time...


Amy said...

You and me both! I felt awful as I dragged a very reluctant C into the room Tuesday morning and she started screaming as soon as I took her jacket off. But they said she stopped as soon as they put some breakfast in front of her and she was fine all day, as I'm sure yours was too! I wish I was bouncing back as easily!

Juli said...

It gets easier, and kind of sad, when they get older, though. R was ready to go back to school because her friends were more fun than her mommy, daddy and new baby sister. That said, she was ready to come home and lay on the couch with me at the end of the day.