Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sisters Day & National Night Out

So I'm running a bit behind schedule today but I'm still running.

Today is Sisters Day. I still haven't had a chance to email a simple eCard to my one & only sister Colyn but since she's on her way over to my house now, I suppose I can wish her a great Sisters Day in person. I am, by the way, going to be feeding her, too. Why?

This evening also marks National Neighbors Night Out, which is a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors so that you can count on them in a pinch. If you don't know about a gathering in your neck of the woods, don't let that stop you. Put some hot dogs or burgers on the grill & invite your neighbors to join you. We're hosting our party from 6:30-8 pm because a little one in our house needs to be bed by 7:30 pm. We'll push our luck again tonight. Really though, this is a great way to encourage the true spirit of community. Reach out, if you can.

Enjoy! Until the next nap time...


Anonymous said...

do you know of any good resorces for classes to take after school or weekends in the fall? thanks nicole

Kids Activity Queen said...

If you're looking for children's classes, I recommend the YMCA. It has a lot of classes for different age groups that can be done on weekends or after school. Discovery Gymnastics & Byron Gymnastics also have good programs.