Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kids' Effect on Parents

So I'm strolling through the sunny streets of downtown Houston, heading to the parking garage. I'm in a cheerful mood because I'm leaving a calm day at one of my clients' offices. It's almost Friday & the weather is gorgeous.

I'm navigating the Walk, Don't Walk signs and hear several cars honking loudly at someone or other across the intersection. I look to make sure it's not me & luckily it's not.

"HONK!" I blurt out in my chipper mood.

Oh my gosh. Did I really just scream that?
Everyone is looking at me, thinking: "Well, she looks relatively normal but obviously something is wrong with that poor woman."

Remember parents: just because you can act like a fool with your child, yell "Honk!"back at cars & then laugh DOES NOT MEAN OTHER ADULTS GET IT. THEY DON'T REALIZE IT'S FUNNY!

If I ever hear an adult "honk" at someone else, I'll happily smile at them, tell them I get it & then "Honk" at them. Oh, it's another way that I'm being trained by my 2 year old.

Until the next nap time...


Susan said...

Ok, I just laughed so hard I spit out the water I was drinking. We always would scream "HONK" when mom was driving and put her hand over the horn but wouldn't actually honk. Anyway, you made my afternoon!

Amy said...

Next time try it with a cardboard sign and see if someone stops and gives you a dollar!

Ashley said...