Thursday, December 20, 2007

3 Safety Tips for Healthy Eating

A special thanks to AllergyKids for providing this great information.

1) Eat Organic Popcorn: Because new insecticidal proteins have recently been added to corn, consider switching to organic corn products to avoid eating insecticide with that next batch of popcorn!

By law, conventional corn and corn products like popcorn and high fructose corn syrup are actually allowed to have insecticidal proteins engineered into them (while, by law, organic corn can not contain these insecticidal proteins).

These new proteins were recently introduced to ensure corn’s profitability for ethanol crops, though no human trials were ever conducted to test their safety. Given that the Europeans don’t even allow their cattle and livestock to eat this new corn, we probably shouldn’t be feeding it to our little ones!

2) Drink "Clean" Milk: If you don’t have a milk allergy (symptoms include eczema, chronic ear infections, bronchial-like coughs, acne), then look for milk labeled "rBGH-free" which does not contain the recent addition of chemically engineered milk proteins and hormones.

Most milk in the US contains a synthetic milk protein genetically created from the growth hormone of a cow. This protein, rBGH, is injected into American cows, but not allowed in milk in Europe, Australia and around the world because of its health risks.

To avoid rBGH, look for milk cartons that say "rBGH-free" in order to avoid exposing your family to these hidden chemical milk proteins.

3) Drink Filtered Water: Drinking filtered water helps to eliminate and reduce your family’s exposure to bug sprays, hidden allergens, chemicals and pesticides that have recently found their way into our water supply.

Reducing your exposure to chemicals and toxins is a great way to help strengthen your family’s digestive tract where autoimmune conditions like food allergies can originate.

Want to go a step further? Install a water filter on your kitchen sink over the holidays. Just visit your local home improvement store to learn how easy it is to do!

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