Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not to Be Preachy But... The Real Meaning of Christmas

In preparing for today’s devotional at my MOPS, I searched through a book & the MOPS web site to find the perfect thing to say. The search actually pointed out what was going on right before me.

I’ve hurried to send out Christmas cards, bake goodies for today but also for my clients. I still need to get goodies for my neighbors. I’ve bought & wrapped all our gifts. I’ve even planned out how much time we’ll spend with my in-laws versus my parents. With all this preparation complete, why am I still stressed?

Then, my thoughts turn to my 2.5 year old daughter. When asked what she wants for Christmas, she doesn’t really know what to say. After prompting, she finally decides the “Mickey Mouse dog that barks.” (That’s code for Pluto.) But Kylie will tell you nothing else. She simply doesn’t want anything else.

However, I’ve found it inspiring to see her head downstairs each morning and look into our nativity scene. She looks with wonder into the empty manger & announces “No Baby Jesus yet.” While somewhat humorous, shouldn’t we all be so eager to experience the birth of Christ?

This Christmas season, I hope each of you will be able to look beyond the presents, bows and appointments. I hope you’ll eagerly await the true meaning of Christmas and find comfort and peace in that anticipation. As for me, I’m still working on it.
Until the next nap time...


Amy said...

That confirms it - I need to get a child-friendly nativity. Ours was made by Bill's mom and is one of the few things of hers that we have and very, very precious to me - as in "displayed in a location that is only accessible to adults and we don't bring it to her attention so she doesn't suddenly become interested in it." Fisher Price has a really cute one that I have debated getting so C has one of her own - the image of K saying "No Jesus yet" clinches the deal! Thanks for the reminder of what is really the family heirloom and shouldn't be hidden from the little one!

Kids Activity Queen said...

That's wonderful, Amy. I think it helps the kids understand the story a bit. Plus, it's so darn cute!