Monday, January 21, 2008

Pest Control

This morning, Little K & I got dressed & started picking up the house. I explained that the man for Houston Pest Management was coming to get rid of the bugs in our house. Little K looked at me and said: "But we like Lady Bugs & we like Butterflies."

I smiled and assured her that we'd talk to the exterminator to ensure he wouldn't hurt the lady bugs or butterflies. Too cute.

Later, with Little K singing parts of "Frosty the Snow Man" in the back seat, we drove to the doctor so mommy could feel better. I thought it would be good for Little K to see that even moms go to the doctor & that it doesn't have to be a scary event. Plus, she is out of school today for MLK Day so I didn't have a choice. The verdict? S is for sinus infection and A is for antibiotic. (I wanted to put D is for drugs here but thought some moms might be offended. Oops. Too late now.) I was told that I should feel like Miss America in seven days. What an improvement!

Tomorrow, Little K returns to nursery school & I head back to work. After completing a whirlwind trip to Dallas for a friend's wedding this weekend, I think we're all ready for a return to normalcy, including Little K's regular nap schedule. Smile.

Until the next nap time...


Susan said...

Sorry you've been under the weather. I've been miserable for days too....Hope we're both feeling like Miss America for Mardi Gras next weekend!

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C's Mommy said...

I wish I'd known - I'd have watched Little K while you went to the doctor! I should ahve taken her while you went home and napped - but I think she was supposed to nap then too, and there is NO napping at my house anymore! Hope you are feeling better.