Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy Month of March

For some reason, the spring is always a busy time of year. March is just flown by. From friends' birthday parties to Rodeo to ranch trips and Easter, we've had a busy month. I flipped through some of my photos from March and was surprised at how much we've done. (I think this photo of my mom and Little K decorating Easter eggs is pretty cute.) And hey, we still have one more weekend in March to do a bit more.

I spoke to a girlfriend this morning who was cracking up because her first grader decided to shave half of her eyebrow off. Apparently, once she started shaving her brow, she went into shock because my friend found her razor mysteriously on the bathroom floor. Her daughter didn't mention anything but her "new look" was quite apparent. The dad didn't find it so humorous and is worried that her eyebrow won't grow back. I think it's hillarious... with someone else's kid. Oh the things we have to look forward to.

Until the next nap time...


Susan said...

Warn her not to let her child watch Mulan, or her ponytail may disappear also!


Amy said...

You're right - it IS funny when it's somebody else's kid!