Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mother's Day is 2.5 Weeks Away

Yep, our special day is just a few weeks away & I've really been thinking about it. I'm very lucky in that my mom and my 2 grandmothers are still living. We also are blessed to have my mother-in-law Mary Ann and my husband's paternal grandmother in Illinois. Oh, and don't forget my aunt, who is also my Godmother, who lives one neighborhood north from me. Little K actually has 2 Godmothers. Whew! What a list. How will we spend time with all of these special ladies on Mother's Day?

Well, we won't. Despite some pressure that's been thrown my way, I told Trent this morning that I'd really like to celebrate Mother's Day at home with my immediate family. Maybe I can get my nails done that weekend and we can hang out by the pool with absolutely no agenda. The Salch trio could go to a nice dinner on Saturday night and just enjoy not being in a hurry. At some point, I'll head to my Grandmother's place around the corner to visit with her, too. Maybe I can take my own Mom to lunch on that Friday. I am just putting on the brakes because I don't want to be running all over town or all over my neighborhood trying to please all the special moms in our lives. (Note: it's interesting that most of these people are on MY side of the family. I think that says something about me as a people pleaser.) So here's the plan:

Grandma in Illinois: card
Mother-in-Law Mary Ann: gift & card
My Mom: card (I still want to find the right gift.)
My Grandmother: card and flowers
My Grammy in Ohio: card
My Godmother around the corner: gift & card
Little K's Godmothers: gifts

It's quite a list, don't you think? Hopefully, they'll understand that this Mommy needs some slow-down time. What do you WANT to do for Mother's Day?

Until the next nap time...

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Lesley said...

Sounds like a fabulous plan!! A RELAXING (key word: relaxing) day at home with my hubby and son is just what I need. My hubby keeps asking what I want for Mom's Day and honestly no gift just a relaxing day with my family is all I want and I know this drives him crazy. He doesn't want to be one of those husbands that doesn't do special things for his wife... What he doesn't seem to understand is that it is all the things he does for me on random days that I like the most!