Thursday, May 29, 2008

Discovery Green Park: Refreshing

Yesterday afternoon, Little K & I went to Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston. While I do suggest you check out the Web site at, let me tell you that the description of the Gateway Fountain does not do it justice.

Little K & I first walked around the pond & watched the remote control boat floating along. We spoke with one of the police officers & headed to the playground. I was intrigued by the yellow music equipment. You can also climb on it. Little K preferred the bridge, slide and (kind of) trampoline. I also like that the floor of the playground is that rubberized material so if kids fall, their tumble is at least cushioned. Unfortunately, there were no swings at the playground, which made me sad.

So, we ventured to the Gateway Fountain. Here's the description from the official Web site: "This fountain offers a visual gateway to the park for visitors approaching from McKinney Street and is an extension of the playground area. Two systems of jets create a myriad of water activity atop a gently sloping granite surface, with 14-foot high arcing jets serving as landmarks and smaller jets cycling on and off to invite park visitors for a closer look or some fun in the spray. "

Now let me tell you how it really is. These AMAZING water jets start off at a low level -- almost teasing you to come closer. Of course, we did. Then, they slowly get larger & larger until suddenly you're soaked in water & surrounded by dancing jets of water so you might as well enjoy it. Then, suddenly, the water dissipates. Then, on one side of the patio, fountains leap up to 14 feet and splatter to the ground. Kids ADORE this. With Houston as hot as it is (already!), I think this is the best thing to do in town for FREE.

Parents & grandparents can also sit on the side to watch the kiddos play in the water. Patio tables & chairs are available but Little K needed me to join her. A cafe is also nearby so you can get refreshments.

The downer? I took AWESOME photos of our adventure but my husband accidentally hit "reformat" on my camera & deleted the pics. AHHH! "Oh well," I said. "Now we have to go back this weekend WITH DADDY." He smiled & agreed.

Check back for new photos from Discovery Green Park. Until the next nap time...


Amy said...

Cool! I've been interested in checking the place out, but your description has totally clinched the deal!

Susan said...

Did you see the pictures that Drew took from Memorial Day before the reformatting error? Y'all were cute sleeping on the deck!