Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fish Tales and More

We love fish tales!

Last Thursday, we met some friends at the Fish Gallery, located near Kirby & Hwy 59. Each Thursday in the summer, the Fish Gallery has storytime starting at 3:30 (till 4:30). We heard two cute stories about fish and an octopus as they were read aloud to us. It was amazing to listen to the stories while gorgeous fish swam in the huge aquarium behind the reader. What a backdrop! The Fish Gallery also made it nice by providing free juice and water for visitors. Kids were invited to sit on the floor while parents sat in chairs. There was quite a big group for an event that just began.

Next, George showed us how he feeds the fish and explained what the different fish like to eat... from red worms to live crawfish. It was really a sight to see. Then we toured the aquariums, where we saw Nemo (a huge hit!), eels, several types of starfish and much, much more. Kids could even touch some of the animals, although Little K & her friend Grace screamed at the suggestion and promptly hid behind me. Oh well. After attending 5 times, your child gets a "special gift".

The Fish Gallery at 4527 Lomitas, Houston, TX

Until the next nap time...


Amy said...

I just sent this to Bill and he loves your blog! He has now decided that we are not exciting enough for C and we need to plan some field trips! I love the Fish Tales - wish they had some on the weekends.

Kids Activity Queen said...

You should still go for a visit on the weekends. I told Trent that I want to take him there one weekend. It's really cool. The staff will totally engage with C.