Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pea Pickin' Memories

The remainder of Day 4, Saturday, found us at Aunt Kenny & Uncle Brad's for an all-American picnic. Cousin Lauren had returned from Europe and filled us in on her faves. Little K enjoyed chasing 3 dogs around the yard, picking peas and cuddling with Uncle Brad.

Day 5 begin with a trip to church with PaPa Don. Grammy went earlier, of course. On the way home, we stopped by Iron Horse Park for a whirl at the playground. Quite muddy, we bathed at the house just in time for the Barrett clan to return for a huge lunch. How I'll fit into the airplane seat tonight, I'm not sure.

We picked peas again today as a last effort to ingrain the memory in Little K's memory. That has been my favorite all these years. You could the pea-picking song for blocks.

Ha, Ha, Ha. You & me
Out to the garden to pick some peas.
Ha, Ha, Ha. You & me
I'll eat pods and & you eat the peas.

What fun this trip has been. Until the next nap time...


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Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

What a great trip - K will remember the good feelings and how much she was loved, even if she doesn't remember the words to the pea picking song! So wonderful that you are so close to your grandparents and that you are making sure K has a special relationship with them too.