Friday, June 12, 2009

Road Trip Weekend

Little K has made leaps and bounds at swimming lessons over the last two weeks. I think the ration of one teacher to 3 kids is wonderful. Plus, Little K listens better to an instructor versus a parent when in the water. She's so proud of herself, too. She's finally putting her face in the water (YEAH!) and yesterday she opened her eyes under water. This is a big deal for my 4-year-old. Plus, the instructor's backyard is an oasis and melts away my stress as I watch from the patio, the fan blowing a breeze across my face. Ahhh...
This weekend, we are heading to Sulphur Springs, TX. to visit my mother-in-law's sister and extended family. (Thanks to Karen at Pet Pals of Houston for house sitting and pet sitting all weekend!) While Little K met two of her Sulphur Springs cousins a few years ago, she barely remembers them. I'm excited for her to see the small town in east Texas where her grandmother, CiCi, grew up. Of course, getting to know her (now) three Sulphur Springs cousins is important. I've been amazed at how many people don't know their first cousins. Our family has been blessed to even know fourth cousins. Maintaining those relationships has provided such connection in my own life that I believe it's fundamental for my daughter. Enough of my soap box.
So small-town Sulphur Springs will host the Dairy Festival this weekend, which includes a parade, hot air balloon race and more. Since my mother-in-law was crowned the Dairy Festival Queen many moons ago (yes, everyone giggles. It's great!), we thought this would be an ideal time to visit. I can't wait to report back.
Hope you all have a great weekend whereever life takes you. Until the next nap time...

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