Sunday, October 25, 2009

Party Like a Rock Star

On Friday night, Little K attended a "Party Like a Rock Star" birthday party at Double Dave's pizza. Our whole family had fun dressing up. I'm not sure our hosts expected the adults to dress like a rock star, but Trent & I couldn't resist. Trent pulled from the bottom of his shirt drawer a Van Halen concert T-shirt circa 1992 and a Metallica concert T-shirt from around the same period. I had tried to throw out these things years ago because they really are horrendous. My husband refused. I actually remember roller skating to Van Halen so I'll give a little there. Metallica is just too hard rock for me.

Thus, my husband smiled in delight when I sported his old Metallica shirt (above) to a five-year-olds birthday party. All in the name of fun, right?
Little K wore her "Daddy's Rockstar" shirt with a pink hair extension and, of course, her Hannah Montannah guitar. (I can't believe I just wrote Metallica and Hannah Montannah in the same blog.)

The party hosts went all out. I was surprised to learn that the Double Dave's on 34th Street and Ella Boulevard has a sizeable patio in the back. The party was complete with a DJ, strobe light, inflatable guitars, temporary tattoos, temporary hair dye/spray and bubbles. We laughed when the DJ tried to get the 4 & 5-year-olds to sing "Who Let the Dogs Out?" because they clearly had never heard that song. That didn't stop them from dancing and doing the hoola-hoop for all to see. After eating pizza, the hosts distributed sugar cookies shaped into colorful music notes, tying nicely into the "Rock Star" theme. But they didn't forget the cake and brownies, too.
Toward the end of the party, one little girl held the microphone and sang her little heart out. It was hillarious. She even thanked her adult audience after each song.
I have to say, it was really a clever and enjoyable party. When both parents & kids are smiling, you know you've done well and this family really did a super job.
Another favorite aspect is that the birthday girl's parents asked that in lieu of b-day gifts, we purchase a book to be donated to the girl's school library in her honor. They even provided a "Rock Star"-themed sticker to place inside your book saying the book was being donated in honor of the birthday girl. They really thought of every angle, including the giving back to others.

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