Sunday, May 22, 2011

After an eventful Grandparents Day on Friday, we headed to the ranch for a little R&R. I love it this of year because yes, the weather is cooler, some of the leaves actually change colors in Navasota, TX. and we get to take hay rides.

After lunch, my dad, hubby, Little K & I ran a few errands, including making a stop at a tractor shop. I know, how glamorous. But Dad had to pick up something so Little K illustrated her back-hoe skills by using the "digger for kids" in the store. It was the same one that Dewberry Farm has so Little K was prepared. When my Dad saw her, he promised to take her on the real back-hoes just like he did with me and my sister when we were young. Fond memories.

On our way out of the store, we stopped at the entrance display and took this picture. I absolutely love Thanksgiving -- in large part because my birthday is that time of year and because it's often seems to me like the forgotten holiday. The stores go directly from Halloween to Christmas. Hay! Don't you remember how the United States of America got started? Okay, I also like American Indians but enough of that soap box.

This evening, Little K and her cousin Claire piled into the John Deere ranch buggy/ATV. I insisted on riding with the cool kids in the back while my parents drove up front. We sported a blanket since my sister threatened us with releasing stories bettter left untold if we didn't cover up her daughter when outside. (If Claire gets sick again, it's not my fault.) As we drove, our 9-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog hauled it, about one inch from the side of the vehicle. Mom and I were so worried that we'd run over his leg at some point. Potential ightmares ran through my head. Apparently, my mothering "worry" skills also apply to the dog. Finally, Dad stopped the vehicle and I somehow lifted the 73-pound dog into the back with the cool kids. At last, he was cool, too, and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

Tomorrow, we'll return to Houston. Despite the rainy weather, it's been a fun trip to the ranch. I've truly enjoyed spending the weekend with my niece especially. She's just over a year old and clues me into what it would be like to have a second child under foot. (This is not a wish, just an observation! Smile.) How quickly we forget that while toddlers don't have our verbal skills, they definitely understand what we're saying. She's even making me brush up on my sign language talents and Little K is learning how much you have to share with a youngster. I haven't heard her ask for a younger sibling this whole weekend. How interesting.

In advance, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Until the next nap time...

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