Sunday, October 07, 2012

Houston's Greek Festival Not Kid-Friendly

Festivus for the rest of us

So our family joined to the Greek Fedtival this Sunday at 2 pm & I was so excited since I hadn't ever been. On the way there, Little K asked me 20 questions about how much fun she would have. I reassured her that, yes, there would be a jumpie/moonwalk, face painting & tons of fun stuff for kids. I lied.

We paid $5/adult (no fee for kids under 12) to enter & discovered that there was beer, wine, water & soft drinks amongst a myriad of Greek food to eat, we grabbed three years for a total of $21, ate those & searched for family-friendly activities. The kids dance program wouldn't start for another hour & there was nothing else for kids to doz I grabbed drinks & we sat on the ground in the parking lot next to a trash can to figure out what to do.

The Greek Fest was officially a bust when Little K announced, "I'm bored."

I imagine it'd be fun on a Friday or Saturday night without kids. You could buy a bottle of wine from the festival & share it while you walk around the pretty campuses of Annunciation church & school as well as the University of St. Thomas. Besides that, there's just not much to do.

We're now heading to St. Cecilia Oktoberfest near I10 & Bunker Hill, which promises loads of kid activities. With the cooler temperature today, I just couldn't stay inside.

Until the next nap time....


Anonymous said...

Hello Blogger. An official rep from the Houston Greek Fest here. Did you seen the Kid Zone?? Face painting, 5 moonwalks, and games. Was located behind the gym where the dance program was held.

Kids Activity Queen said...

Actually, no we didn't. Those items weren't on the map of the event and we couldn't find them. We looked around for an hour and never saw them. Sorry. Inclusion on the map and some signage at next year's event would be very helpful. I know a lot of effort went into the event. By the way, what's your name? I see that you aren't logged in so your comment is anonymous. I'd love to follow up with you next year about this.