Thursday, November 17, 2005

One Resource for Parents

Ever get to a local event that was promoted in the paper as the best thing in town for your kid -- only to find out it's missing the mark? If your child was 5 years older or really interested in culture vs. sports, maybe so. Ugh. It's too frustrating to load kids in the car and have that happen again and again. So maybe you spend hours researching the event on the Internet and then call the place to verify the details. Now you're spending more time with the promotions people than your own child.

No more. With a discriminating eye, I'm researching fun activities for kids in Houston under age 10. Then parents, grandparents & caregivers can spend more time with their kiddos and less time with the phone & computer. At last, let's have one resource that gives honest insight into kids' activities in 2006 and, hey, let's include some age recommendations. Yep, that's right. This is not your "50 things to do with your child" list that is outdated a year after you buy it. Let's make it easy on parents to have fun with their children. I think that's what we really want any ways. Good, clean fun with the family. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

If I don't know about a certain Houston activity, I'll do my best to make a visit & then share my thoughts with you. Plus, other parents can share their experiences as well. Until the next nap time...