Thursday, November 29, 2007

Birthday and Ailing Christmas Tree

Happy Birthday to me! Little K may be more excited about it than me. Trust me, that's hard to believe. I love birthdays. I made it another year -- Yeah! And there's so much more to accomplish. For me, it's like a more positive, slightly more sober New Year's Day. Cheers!

Since I decided several years ago NOT to work on my birthday, I'll be running errands. Ugh! This morning, I went to a ribbon cutting for the local Chamber of Commerce and lined up an initial meeting with a prospective client. (Yes, that does actually count as work.) Just had lunch with a girlfriend, now I'm heading to a local boutique shop to drop off 12 copies of my book 100+ Activities for Houston Kids. Yeah! I have a few more errands to run for Christmas gifts, then I'll pick up Little K for some Mommy & Kylie time.

Tonight, we're staying home for fajitas. After the holiday weekend, I'd just rather stay home. We're also planning to go buy another artificial Christmas tree since my husband Trent plugged in our old tree that is pre-strung with lights, only to discover that half the lights don't even work. He was so frustrated that he immediately picked up the tree, took it outside and landed it in the trash can. My sister Colyn & I roared! We'll set up the NEW tree tonight and BOY, am I ready for the holidays. I love Christmas! Yes, we certainly have plenty to be thankful for! If only we could all capture the excitement seen through my daughter. I'll try.

Until the next nap time...