Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pea Pickin' Memories

The remainder of Day 4, Saturday, found us at Aunt Kenny & Uncle Brad's for an all-American picnic. Cousin Lauren had returned from Europe and filled us in on her faves. Little K enjoyed chasing 3 dogs around the yard, picking peas and cuddling with Uncle Brad.

Day 5 begin with a trip to church with PaPa Don. Grammy went earlier, of course. On the way home, we stopped by Iron Horse Park for a whirl at the playground. Quite muddy, we bathed at the house just in time for the Barrett clan to return for a huge lunch. How I'll fit into the airplane seat tonight, I'm not sure.

We picked peas again today as a last effort to ingrain the memory in Little K's memory. That has been my favorite all these years. You could the pea-picking song for blocks.

Ha, Ha, Ha. You & me
Out to the garden to pick some peas.
Ha, Ha, Ha. You & me
I'll eat pods and & you eat the peas.

What fun this trip has been. Until the next nap time...