Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar 2 Cracks Us Up

Yesterday afternoon, Trent & I took Little K to the movies to see "Madagascar 2". It was the first time for Trent to see our daughter at the theater. (I've taken her to a matinee once with our MOPS group.) It was so fun.
Little K didn't seem to remember our previous trip but she was excited to see the show. She LOVED the popcorn. Luckily, we sat on the first row above the handicap seating so Little K actually had plenty of foot space and could occasionally stand up to stretch her legs without bothering anyone.
The "Madagascar 2" show was fabulous. Adults enjoyed it and youngsters were thrilled. I can only imagine watching that flick on IMAX, which is available at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. That would be a blast. Great, humorous lines with some good moral values weaved in. I give the show a big thumbs up. Trent & I have agreed, though, that our favorite part was watching Little K at the movie -- she danced, sang and was enthralled. Now Daddy is even willing to take Little K to more movies. Who knows? Maybe Mommy will catch some free time while the duo heads to the movies.
Until the next nap time...