Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life's a Beach

We really had a relaxing time in Galveston last weekend. The beach has very few people. The sun was warm but the breeze just right. I was so surprised when we walked on the beach at 5 pm on Friday and found amazing shells. I found a whole Sand Dollar, not a broken one. Little K and I even found what I think it an old hermit crab shell that's completely in tact. It was as if someone had decorated Pirates Beach with gorgeous shells just before we took our stroll. I think this is one of my favorite times of year to visit Galveston.
Saturday for lunch, we ate at Waterman's on the west end of the island. We sat outside so we could watch the boats pull up in the bay. The seafood was fantastic as usual. For dinner on Saturday night, we joined my in-laws at Guido's for an unbelievable meal. (Thank you, Cici & Popi!) My snapper with shrimp was scrumptuous. Little K mostly enjoyed eating her Popi's shrimp!
Sunday found us just lying around, soaking up some rays. Even our cat TJ found a spot on the patio to relax. If you can sneak in a trip to Galveston before summer is upon us, I encourage you to do so. I may even see you there.
Until the next nap time...