Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Economy puts a damper on summer camp enrollment"

There's an interesting article in the Houston Chronicle titled "Economy puts a damper on summer camp enrollment". In short, the article says that parents are postponing summer camp until they are positive they can afford it so there are more last-minute enrollments. Other parents are choosing cheaper alternatives (day camp versus over-nights, local camps versus international trips).

The article cites parents pulling money from their 401Ks to fund summer camp, which seems nightmare-ish to me since you pay hefty fines for pulling early from a 401K and that certainly depletes your savings. Little K is in year-round day care/nursery school until next year but I'm keenly aware of the needed options for affordable, quality summer camp.

How do you keep your kids busy during the summer without breaking the budget? Working parents need options during the day for sure. My book 100+ Activities for Houston Kids offers loads of fun activities but does not substitute for day care/summer camp. My guidebook suggests affordable activities for families outside work/school hours. So really, what are your plans for keeping your little ones occupied during work hours? Please post your ideas to the blog through comments. Thanks.

Until the next nap time...