Friday, November 07, 2008

Singing in My Past & Future

My maternal grandfather turned 85 on Election Day. I tried calling but got a busy signal. He was likely talking to one of his numerous relatives. I plan to have Little K call her PaPa Don this weekend to sing for him. In the mean time, I emailed the b-day boy and got the following response. Singing must have been on his mind.

Hi Meg:
I understand and I know you have a full plate. But thank you for the greeting.

Besides your email forces me to write to both you and Colyn over something I found in the files while looking for some other material for your blog.

Surely you remember digging potatoes here several years ago. But do you remember the ditty we used to sing both during the digging and afterwards? Well, while I look for that picture of you two, tell if the following jogs your memory.

Last summer we went to Ohio
We went to help pa pa pick peas
But the rabbits arrived there before us
Dug taters, 'cause there ain't NO peas !
Taters, taters,
Dug taters 'cause there ain't NO peas !

I know that both of my great grand daughters are rising vocalists. Now it's your job to teach them this new lyric.

Pa Pa

Hope you Houstonians get outside this weekend and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Perhaps your family will plant something of your own. Now's the time.

Until the next nap time...