Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tips for Seeing Lion King Musical in Houston

Thanks to my friend Whitney, who provided the following tips for taking kids to see the musical "Lion King" at the Hobby Center.

Every person needs a ticket... even babies! You can buy the cheapest seats ($30) for the lap kids, even if you have more expensive tickets for the rest of the group. This is just something to consider when purchasing those tickets.

"The boys loved it- we went with a few other people, including two 5-year-old girls and another 3 yr-old boy. All of the kids were so into it, they didn’t wiggle or talk at all the whole time! It was a great introduction to Going to the Theater for them- we discussed the differences between plays and movies, the proper behavior for the theater, no popcorn, etc. The story line follows the Lion King movie almost exactly, so it helped that they all were familiar with the story. Like the movie, some of the parts w/ Scar and the hyenas were spooky, but the fight scenes were more stylized and less scary than the movie in my opinion! The kids (and adults too) really got a kick out of having the characters in the aisles at the beginning- it was nice that they could get a better look at the people in the costumes. I think it was worth getting the Orchestra tickets for that reason as well- they felt more connected to the action than the kids in the balcony."

Until the next nap time...