Thursday, October 19, 2006

Discussing Fire Safety with Houston Kids

I'm not a huge fan of videos or DVDs for kids because I'm constantly reminded that parents need to limit TV time. Okay, okay. I agree and I try to do that. But there is some good stuff out there. I actually remember telling my mom years ago some phenominal, new fact. Then, when she was SO impressed with her child's knowledge, I told her "And you said I couldn't learn anything from television!"

With Fire Fest being held in Houston this Saturday (see previous entry for details on Fire Fest), I wanted to get my daughter prepared for the fire truck noises so she could really enjoy FireFest and not be too scared. My husband & I bought Little K a video called "Elmo Visits the Firehouse" and I've been amazed. Not only does Little K love the Elmo (or "Melmo" as she calls the furry critter) video, she's learning about fire safety and to trust firefighters. Using the traditional back drop of child-friendly Sesame Street, the characters experience a small fire and learn how to respond safely. Elmo meets a firefighter who invites Elmo to the firehouse to learn more about firefighters and not be scared.

If your child is interested in firefighters or you'd like to approach the topic of fire safety with your youngsters in a nonthreatening way, I suggest renting or buying "Elmo Visits the Firehouse." It's a great precursor to Fire Fest this weekend but it can be played later as a positive reminder of important safety lessons. Check it out. Parents won't mind the singing and dancing either. :-)

Until the next nap time...