Thursday, February 21, 2008

There's A Stranger in My House

Yesterday, I came home for lunch but still had my mind on my work. I ran into the kitchen, put my work bag down and started pulling together some lunch. Suddenly, I heard a man's voice in my house but his voice was a bit garbled. I knew my husband was not home so I was struck still with fear. Although I stood one step from a drawer full of knives, I was paralyzed and couldn't figure out how to get to a knife to protect myself.

"Garble, garble," he said again.

What in the world is he saying, I thought with my brain racing.

"M is for Map," my daughter's talking puzzle said again from the living room sofa.

M is for MADDENING, I thought as my fear subsided. Little K had started her talking alphabet puzzle that morning, hadn't finished it before leaving for school so Mr. Puzzle continued to talk. He spoke every 10 seconds until I put all 26 alphabet pieces correctly in place. And I thought I knew my alphabet! Lyrics from country singer Ronnie Milsap's song "There's A Stranger in My House" have comically run through my head ever since.

Until the next nap time...