Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Good News!

Well, I'm excited to say that my new book 100+ Activities for Houston Kids will officially launch on Dec. 1, although I'm doing some early promotions already. I'm really hoping parents & grandparents can use this book. I just get too frustrated when I'm trying to spend time with my daughter and end up spending way too much time researching the darn activity. The book will be available in local bookstores soon. See www.TellYourTale.com/Kids.

Here's a frustration: Amazon seems to really take advantage of its size in every way possible. Not only does Amazon require large discounts on books, the company is less than easy to work with and incredibly slow to post book info. Still, Amazon continues to be the source for online books so it gets away with swinging its weight around. Welcome to the big boys playground, right?

Parents magazine includes a one-page double-sided guide each month in its issue. The guide covers different emergencies from "Car Accident 911" to "Insect Bites & Stings". I liked the car accident guide so much that I thought "Hey, I'll tear this out and keep it in my car." Rrrrip! Uh, oh. Unfortunately, Parents magazine doesn't perforate the edges of those guides, although they are printed on a heavy card stock, so it's very difficult to pull those out of the bound issue without tearing the article to shreds. Sure wish Parents mag would make it easier to use that info by adding perforations. Do you agree? Check out this month's issue.

Until the next nap time...