Tuesday, May 05, 2009

From the Kentucky Derby to College Scholarships

We had a FABULOUS time at the Kentucky Derby party last Saturday in Dallas. Thank you, Karin! I was amazed at how kid-friendly it was. While the rain pushed the ponies home early, inside Little K was thrilled with the photo booth. I'm not kidding. She loved crawling in there by herself or with anyone who'd join her to take a series of photos. She took about 20 pages of photos. No joke! Our hostess also had toy ponies galore for the youngsters while the adults waged their bets and cheered for the thoroughbreds. It was too fun.

Not to change the subject but... where do you get your inspiration? Yesterday, I interviewed four high school students from Booker T. Washington and Lutheran High North, who were competing for college scholarships granted by the Heights Chamber of Commerce. I was so moved by what adversities these children have faced and yet continue to set their sights quite high. It was also evident to me how important family support and encouragement were to these students. All but one student had encouragement from home to pursue a college education. And the one who seemed to lack that support ... found in amongst her friends, so I'd say she was the most ambitious of them all. You go, girl!

It's graduation time for many students. What inspiration can you gleen from them?

Until the next nap time...