Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Venting About Family

Loads of people vent about their families but not quite in this way.

Last Friday night, we ate dinner at a neighbor's house and a third family joined us. We began chatting about the growth & revitalization of our neighborhood as well as the new homes going up. Then, one girlfriend said that another neighborhood (I'll call him Ron because that's his name!) said this lot down the street from me was going up for sale soon.

"Which one," I asked.

"Oh, it's your Grandmother's lot," the gal said.

"Uh, no. It's not going up for sale," I said.

The conversation quickly moved on to other people's lots.

My Grandmother's lot isn't going up for sale because she's still alive! It seems that some people are watching time pass by in hopes of getting their hands on her property. Hey, Ron. Bug off! Where the heck is your grandmother living these days? Sorry. That was ugly. But this is not the first time he's asked when she's "moving on" or "how's her health?"

I'm appalled by the lack of respect for the elderly & the inconsiderate nature of strangers. I doubt our dining friend even realized she had hurt my feelings but this is my family you're talking about. I relish the fact that I am surrounded literally by family members in Houston. Family means so much to me. And the woman who held me in some of the most troubling times deserves more respect than that. Puts a new spin on "venting about your family," huh?

Until the next nap time...

Fall Fun in Houston's October

Fall is coming. I'm reminded every time I look at all the leaves in my pool. If you'd rather have fun than help clean out my pool, there are loads of fun things happening in Houston this October.
Cornelius Nurseries Fall Harvest Festival will be held Saturday, October 6 and is an enjoyable way to pick up some fall d├ęcor for your house and yard, while your youngsters decorate their very own pumpkins. This low-stress activity is perfect as a come and go event, encouraging people to get in the mood for fall. Bring your camera for plenty of photo opportunities with scarecrows, pumpkins and haystacks. Little K loved it last year & so did her parents.

If you like speed and strength, get ready for the Wings Over Houston Airshow, October 6-7 at Ellington Field. Flight enthusiasts revel in the daredevil acts and military prowess on display here. Welcome the Canadian Forces Snowbirds as they delight audiences with their seven- and nine-plane close formations, tight turns and head-on passes. Hold your breath as the Air National Guard F-16s haul it above your head with extreme force. From skydivers to World War II fighting planes, this show provides an amazing history lesson in a thrilling environment.

Dewberry Farm in Brookshire has an amazing 12-acre pumpkin patch so your little helpers can pick out their own pumpkins. Then tackle the huge slides, hay stacks and more. A new feature this year is the Pumpkin Light Parade. This nighttime hayride through Halloween Hollow will thrill both kids and adults as popular cartoon characters, movie stars and other critters come to life in a spectacular display of more than 300 carved pumpkins. Mark your calendar for a Saturday night at Dewberry Farm.

If it's still too hot for you outside, here's another option. Starting in October, the Health Museum welcomes Sesame Street Presents: The Body, a kid-friendly way to explore how the body works. Tackle fitness with Grover’s obstacle course or irritate a giant nose to see how a sneeze occurs. This traveling exhibit combines music, dance, physical adventures and more to teach how people’s (and lovable Sesame Street characters’) bodies work. Before the holidays are upon us, learn how to keep your body healthy at this hands-on exhibition. Check out the traveling exhibitions section of the Web site at http://www.mhms.org/.

Until the next nap time...