Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Happened to Your New Year's Resolution?

Busy. It's how every parent would explain their life. I know. Somehow my newborn turned one and my "Little K" is about to become my "Miss K" when she turns 9 in just a few weeks. In all of this, I haven't blogged. At all. However, I've realized how much I've missed the cathartic process of writing for me and the community aspect of sharing with other parents and grandparents. So, here goes another (albeit late) New Year's resolution.

We're going to change things up a bit on the Kids Activity Queen blog. Starting later this week, my (almost) 9-year-old will start blogging here in addition to me. My hope is that the blog will offer candid insight from a kids' perspective, not just a grown ups'. I hope you'll excuse the typos yet embrace the youngster who will be sharing her experiences growing up... as a big sister who is 8 years older than her only sibling, as an almost (cringe) preteen with the excitement & then pain of braces & of course all the outings/adventures/activities that we'll be exploring.

I welcome feedback & suggestions. I hope Miss K will too, although as I write this I realize she may decide to rename her pseudonym/blogger name. We'll see. I'll choose my battles as wisely as any type A, working mother can and hope that the rest will fall into place with a lot of time on my knees praying. I still think that's the best any of us can do. Do you agree?

Until the next time (not too long),
The Kids Activity Queen