Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's in the Genes

I know my daughter is related to my mom.

Well, of course she is, you're probably thinking. Besides that direct connection between my daughter & her Grandmother called Mommy, there are other clues... typically humorous ones. Like yesterday, when I walked into Little K's bedroom to put her to bed for the evening. I couldn't help but notice that my daughter had added a bit of artistic flair to her room by rearranging the furniture.

"I moved my table and chairs, Mommy," Little K proudly announced.

Yes, yes you did.

Did I mention that her Grandmother is an interior designer? Did I mention that when bored, my mom rearranges the furniture, which causes quite a raucous act when my dad walks through the house half a sleep at night? Well, my mom also changes her hair color when she's bored. Help me to control myself if Little K colors her hair with anything. I'm telling you, it's in the genes.

Until the next nap time...