Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kids' Effect on Parents

So I'm strolling through the sunny streets of downtown Houston, heading to the parking garage. I'm in a cheerful mood because I'm leaving a calm day at one of my clients' offices. It's almost Friday & the weather is gorgeous.

I'm navigating the Walk, Don't Walk signs and hear several cars honking loudly at someone or other across the intersection. I look to make sure it's not me & luckily it's not.

"HONK!" I blurt out in my chipper mood.

Oh my gosh. Did I really just scream that?
Everyone is looking at me, thinking: "Well, she looks relatively normal but obviously something is wrong with that poor woman."

Remember parents: just because you can act like a fool with your child, yell "Honk!"back at cars & then laugh DOES NOT MEAN OTHER ADULTS GET IT. THEY DON'T REALIZE IT'S FUNNY!

If I ever hear an adult "honk" at someone else, I'll happily smile at them, tell them I get it & then "Honk" at them. Oh, it's another way that I'm being trained by my 2 year old.

Until the next nap time...