Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quick Trip to Williams Tower Water Wall

So it's Super Bowl Sunday and I always struggle to do family-oriented stuff this weekend because the football game really is geared to adults. So, after church this morning, we ate lunch at Jax Grill on Shepherd near I-10 and then drove to the Williams Tower Water Wall (formerly Transco Tower). Little K was so excited about playing there but I promised Daddy we'd only take a few minutes. Little K and her stuffed dog "Race Dog" ran in the field and at least one of them squeeled in delight. At the end of the run was the enormous water fountain and more delighted oozed from my daughter's body. Her eyes grew to the size of donuts.

We both loved the crashing noise of all the water. Look up to see the gray clouds above with a bit of blue sky peaking out. We could feel the cool mist sprinkling our bodies and we were pleased that we could at least make a quick visit. A few photos later, we raced back to Daddy who sat in the car. We continue to giggle on our return ride home. Next time, we agreed we'd pack a snack and blanket to enjoy a picnic and spend more time there.

Until the next nap time...