Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Halloween Haunts for Houston Kids -- All Ages

With the Halloween decorations out & about, I've been reflecting on favorite scary moments. What's yours?

Years ago, my little sister & I convinced our Dad & PaPa to rent us the movie Arachnophobia, starring John Goodman. This was exciting. We wanted to be scared yet be able to walk away from the fright. Our PaPa only agreed to half watch the flick as he visited with our parents during his visit to Houston from Ohio. My sister Colyn & I clung to the side of the sofa, enthralled by the movie about creepy, crawly spiders. The hair on our arms and the backs of our necks stood tall. My teeth clenched tightly.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed PaPa, creeping toward us. His smirky smile forewarned his horseplay but I sat quietly and watched. My lil sis was too engaged in the spooky film to notice otherwise. PaPa crawled close with a Pussy Willow branch in his hand. As he approached Colyn, he slowly rubbed the furry pussy willow against her leg.

"Ahhh!" she screamed. As terrified Colyn ran down the hall to escape the gigantic tarantula that was surely behind her, PaPa & I roared with laughter. The movie continued on by itself as we howled together. Later, Colyn rejoined us, promising to get us both back. She, too, smiled.

This is my favorite spooky story. (Sorry, Colyn!) So instead of paying hefty prices to take your kids to an overrated, teen-run haunted house, create your own spooky stories at home. Whether funny or slightly scary, doing it together is worth while.

Until the next nap time...