Friday, January 26, 2007

Nature Discovery Center Good for All Ages

We had a blast at the Nature Discovery Center yesterday! My daughter loved the nature puzzles and live-sized, walk-through exhibit of a marsh land. Our friend Jordan is only 4.5 months but enjoyed reading about sandcrabs and touching the different textures found in nature. Who wouldn't enjoy the bunnies?

The Nature Discovery Center is not just for girls though. Brink is 2.5 years and liked the rubber stamps of different animals. Brent (almost 6) and big brother Noah (almost 9) liked checking out the aquariums of snakes and roaches (ewww!) but really liked exploring outside in the sanctuary.

If you have an hour or two, head to the Nature Discovery Center at 7112 Newcastle between Bellaire & Beechnut. It's open noon to 5:30 pm but closed Mondays.

Until the next nap time...