Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Christmas Project: Day Two

So we haven't been as diligent about our project as I had hoped but it continues to be interesting and humorous.

Yesterday, Little K & I met my sister at a local Palais Royal to do some last-minute shopping. When we went to check out, we couldn't help but to notice the man in front of us who was pouting. (I'm pretty sure he's on the naughty list.) He shouted that he was late for a party (it was 5 pm) and had been waiting for an hour to return one item. (Actually, he had several items in his hands so I'm not sure if he could count.)

Little K looked at him, confused. I bent down and told her that he was having a very tough day and that maybe she could wish him a Merry Christma to make him feel better. As the salesperson walked off to get some help, Little K looked up at the brooding man & said: "Sir, Merry Christmas." He didn't respond but she said it in a normal voice. I told her to try it again. My sister looked at me as if I was daring my daughter to run across Loop 610. Okay, the guy was visibly angry but who better to receive a little Christmas spirit?

"Excuse me, sir. Merry Christmas!" Little K announced. Still, no response.

Next, Little K held my hand and stepped closer to the man, who was now pacing. "Sir, Merry Christmas!" Still, no response.

My sister & I laughed and Little K just couldn't understand his problem. Finally, another salesperson returned to help the man and a third salesperson offered to help us at another register.

The man turned toward us and said, "I'm sorry but I've been waiting for a long time here."

"It's okay," I responded with a giggle. "Merry Christmas!" Still, no response!

I'm picking up Little K early from nursery school today. With school out for the holidays, we should have plenty of opportunities to determine if folks can enjoy our Christmas sentiments or if we should tell them "Bah Humbug!" I'll try to capture & share some fun photos, too.

Until the next nap time...