Monday, May 19, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

We had a fun but busy weekend again but I want to share two funny things related to young kids. First, Friday night, we had a few friends over to grill out. Little K was thrilled that her Aunt Juji (it's just a love name, don't worry!) was coming over. Whenever my sister/Juji comes over, Little K moves her collar aside to look for a mole that Juji has on her collar bone. Little K has done this ever since she could talk. Then, my sister explains that it's a mole, kind of like a freckle and the two move on in the conversation. Any ways, Friday night, this same scenario played out except Little K asked my sister if that was chocolate. I don't know if Little K thought Juji had dropped chocolate ice cream on herself or what, but it was hillarious. Who would of thought?

Saturday, we visited some family friends in Richmond, TX. My friend Kris, the dad, explained that his almost-4-year-old daughter went to school last week and the teacher asked what her favorite restaurant was. To everyone's surprise, she replied candidly "Hooters." Wow! That's a wholesome conversation. Her mom assured us that she would clarify that they had not ever been to Hooter's before. Kids say the darndest things.

Until the next nap time...