Monday, April 16, 2007

Free Cone Day: April 17

With your taxes filed by tomorrow, you deserve a reward. Head to Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops around town for a FREE ice cream cone. Your little ones will love it!

Here are the details...
Pass the Chunky Monkey or that newer renegade flavor Bananas on the Rum--it’s Ben & Jerry’s 29th annual Free Cone Day! It’s an ice cream dream come true so mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 17.

From noon until 8 p.m., ice cream lovers can enjoy a free scoop of their favorite flavor at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops in the greater Houston area and nationwide.

While there is no charge for the scoop of love that Ben & Jerry’s will be dishing out, each ScoopShop will accept tips and donations that will be passed on to worthy organizations nationwide.

At the Ben & Jerry’s ScoopShops in Memorial, Champions Forest and on Kirby, and the Downtown PartnerShop, the Tip Tubs will go to HoustonWorks USA, the organization that provides training and jobs.

"We're excited to be partnering with HoustonWorks this year," said Alex Carriles, North Houston Ben & Jerry’s franchisee. It serves more than 100,000 people annually with job placement, continuing education and vocational training. Last year HoustonWorks acquired one of the Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShops and opened it in the Rice Lofts in downtown. It offers scholarships and on-the-job training for disadvantaged youth. Ben & Jerry’s provides ongoing training and technical support.

Terry Hudson, executive director of HoustonWorks, will roll up his sleeves and jump behind the counter to scoop on Free Cone Day. "Not everyone has found our Downtown Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShop yet, but we have hired a lot of young people and they are spreading the word," said Hudson

At the Memorial Ben & Jerry’s, 1413 S. Voss, media personalities and other local VIPs have been invited for some competitive scooping…whoever can scoop up the tallest cone in just one minute wins a Ben & Jerry’s collectible tee shirt. "We’re inviting media personalities including TV anchors, mayors of the Memorial Villages, and principals of schools in the area" said Carriles.
The celebrities he personally is most eager to meet? Houston’s Amazing Race All-Stars Joyce and Uchenna Agu. They will be Tandem Scooping…just like the tandem bike they will be riding for Team Sun & Ski in the MS 150 Apr. 21-22. "This time they will face no road blocks, just friendly neighbors coming in for free ice cream," said Carriles.

To find the Ben & Jerry's store nearest to you, visit This is going to be a good incentive for Little K to get through her annual check up at the doctor's office. Wish us all luck!

Until the next nap time...