Monday, July 30, 2012

Ohio Trip Recap & Blessings

 I was THRILLED for my daughter to return home yesterday evening. Her flight was scheduled to land at 4:22 pm but my dad called at 4:29 pm saying he'd meet us at my sister's house since he already had picked up the gang. (My flights never arrive early.)

My speed-demon father arrived at my sister's house before me and Little K couldn't find our car. "They forgot me," she told Grand.

Ha! I don't even think so! I've included some fun photos from the rest of her trip to visit my mom's side of the family but trust me, I'm so glad she's home.

As my mom said this morning, this summer has been a lot of firsts for Little K. First time at spend-the-night camp. First time traveling to Ohio with Grand & Cousin C. First time spending time at Cici's (Trent's mom) house for a few days without her parents. And the first time preparing for 2nd grade.

Do you remember  being nervous about school starting when you were a kid? I do. I'd lay on the couch with the worst stomach pains, filled with nerves. This even happened when we had no new kids at my very small school.

Now, we have 14 days until the first day of second grade on Monday, August 13 and Little K is not the only one who wishes summer was longer. (She actually told me that if she was in charge, the summer would be longer and the school year would be shorter. My response was "Don't forget to make the weekends longer while you're at it.)

There still seems to be so many things that we still haven't done so I suspect there will be another flurry of posts about fun things to do with kids in Houston before school starts. I won't forget the snuggle time with my girl while we watch the Olympics and scream "Go USA!" It's too funny.

Yes, I'm so thankful for the Barrett clan for helping Little K celebrate the end of summer. From Aunt Kenny fishing with K in the pond, taking the family to the Ohio Festival where they met Batman and Robin & sending OODLES of Box Tops to turn into K's school ...

to PaPa Don constant teasing that teaches you to be tough and dish it out as well as his enticing the girls to pick up leaves in the backyard as part of a good work ethic ...

to Grammy play spanks and re-introducing the gals to the satisfaction of baking a good cake or yummy dinner that everyone enjoys...

to Uncle Sean, Aunt Patti and Cousin Bentley taking K to the club pool and playground to cool off, not to mention a cool new bathing suit.

Thanks for the memories. I can almost put myself as a child in these photos, only I was the oldest & had no idea that history would repeat itself in this wonderful way. Thank  you, God, for all the blessings in our life.

How will you close out the summer?

Until the next nap time...