Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Starting School for the First Time: Pre-Kindergarten

My little girl starts PreK next Friday. Wow! How time flies! I'm excited about the opportunities that this presents from the Christmas concert to learning to read. Still, I'm realizing that I'm holding onto her more than ever. My sweet little girl is growing up so fast. And I'm not crazy about not being able to "play hookie" whenever we want. I know, I know. Make the most of your weekends. We will.

My mom also mentioned that children often react to big changes like school starting in different ways. Some kids crawl into bed with their parents. (Wait. Little K started doing that last week.) Some kids start wetting the bed. (Okay there.) Others might just be more snuggly than usual. (My daughter is definitely doing that but it could be instigated by her mother.)

What are your experiences with this? Did your child react in a surprising way when he/she started elementary school? I want to hear from you. Tips?

Until the next nap time...