Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swim Lessons Conclude

Thursday marked the last day of swim lessons at the local YMCA. Little K really enjoyed it. She can now confidently jump to an adult in the pool and is practicing, freestyle, backstroke and side stroke. I don't think she could get herself to the side of the pool, if she fell in though. We're working on it.

The Y was good about teaching pool safety, although I laughed when the lifeguard told the 3-5 year olds that they should call 911 if someone was unconscious. Right. My 3 year old has no idea what it means to be unconscious. Oh well.
For the rest of the summer we'll practice swimming in our backyard pool. I'm honestly hoping that a private instructor in our area will have an opening/cancellation some time this summer. If not, I'll try to set that up early next year.
Enjoy your weekend. Until the next nap time...