Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Watch 2008 Continues

When you are pregnant and you go past your due date, it's a big deal... literally and figuratively. I went one day over my due date with Little K and was out of my mind. I just couldn't wait to meet my daughter.

My sister's baby was due last Friday... yes, that's 3 extra days as of today. Colyn went to the doc today and schedule an appointment to be induced this upcoming Friday, July 25. Apparently, her insurance requires her to wait an entire week after her due date before inducing. Do they have any idea how excited I am to meet this little girl? Colyn continues to wait, of course, as does her husband Victor. Come on, Friday!

Closer to home, Little K was adorable last night. She spent the entire weekend with my parents Grand & PaPa so she was extra snuggly last night. Trent & I let her stay up late since we hadn't seen her all weekend. We went swimming after dinner, then headed up for bedtime stories. Little K and I cuddled in her big girl bed, while Daddy read us stories. (Knuffle Bunny is hillarious.) When it was time for Trent & I to leave, Little K begged for me to sleep in her bed with her. I explained that I have my own bed.

Then, she turned to Trent and asked: "Please can Mommy sleep with me tonight?"

Funny, really. I promised to lay with her for 5 minutes but we both had to close our eyes. I awoke an HOUR later. Little K was still awake but resting nicely. I kissed her good night, promising to paint artwork with her after school on Monday.

When I went downstairs to tell my husband that I fell asleep in Little K's room, he simply responded with a smile: "I figured."

I have to admit: I loved the cuddling. There's just nothing like being snuggle bunnies with your little ones.

Until the next nap time...