Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's a Chinch?

This afternoon, I picked Little K up from school and went to the library. At some point, she told me that a school mate (we'll call her Sally) told Little K that she "had a chinch on her face and it was bleeding". After Little K repeated this exact statement to me five times, I finally told her that I didn't know what a "chinch" was. She didn't either so I told her not to worry about it.

Tonight, Little K repeated the whole thing for Daddy. "What's a chinch?" he asked. Even when little kids don't know the meaning of words, they can get so concerned.

On another note, I have been so pleasantly surprised at the good nature of our neighbors. Maybe I shouldn't be but two different families have offered us their daughters' clothes when they outgrew them. Little K is so hard on clothes and doesn't have an older sister to inherit from , so I say bring it on. In the process, the older girls have befriended Little K and offered to show her the ropes when she begins PreK next fall. If only I had a big-kid friend to show me the ropes at each new adventure. :-)

Until the next nap time...