Thursday, January 19, 2006

Weekend with the Kids

89.3 KSBJ will be playing an interview I did today with highlights on what Houston parents & grandparents can do with their kids this weekend. I even feature a no-charge activity that kids love. Tune into 89.3 Friday between 7 and 9 am to hear these tips.

Kylie & I joined StrollerFit West U this morning and really enjoyed it. My body is still sore from Monday's workout with StrollerFit Memorial Park. Whew! This queen is starting to realize how much I need to work out, but StrollerFit makes it fun for mom and baby. Plus, it's hard to resist playground time after a good workout.

We have a new kitten that's hanging around our backyard. It's mother is a local stray, I think. At 9 months old, my daughter Kylie gets so excited when this little kitten appears at the back door and mouths a meow. Our own cat is 2-3 times the size of the neighborhood kitty, but our cat seems a bit jealous. It reminds me that many kids love animals and are intrigued by their different textures (furs). We went to a birthday party last Saturday that had a wonderful petting zoo. I'll have to investigate another petting zoo or activity with animals and post an update. I love to indulge my daughter's curiousities.

Until the next nap time...