Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Don't Families Take Time Off at Easter?

So it's almost Easter and I've been wondering all week why so many people take time off at Christmas to spend time with their families and go to church, but not many people take time off at Easter. I realize Easter is always on a Sunday, whereas Christmas floats on the day of the week. Still, it seems like so much of the meaning is lost on Easter. No, I'm no holy roller but family time is so precious to me and Easter really is what Christianity is all about. Go figure.

I remember years ago when I worked for another company as their marketing manager, one of our executives always held the annual planning meeting on Good Friday and "enticed" us to come by bringing in breakfast, lunch and snacks. Hmmm... Like this executive, I am Catholic so we don't eat meat on Fridays during Lent and we fast on Good Friday. So I would sit watching everyone eating pizza or BBQ during the meeting while I wondered why it was critical that this meeting be held on Good Friday. The message was clear to me: this job was supposed to be a priority.

Today, I have my own business but when a customer calls, we answer. However, I'm knocking off early this Good Friday, won't be stuck in a room full of meat eaters and I've traded in a view of a cubicle wall for the ranch. It makes for a gorgeous backdrop behind my laptop that's outside. The wind blowing in my hair adds refreshment and creative juices to my writing. All the time, my daughter and her cousin Claire can play together. I also avoid a long commute home and instead can just turn off the computer to help my parents prepare for Easter or go to church. What's more, I think families can find a sense of calm, of peace, when they can really focus on their families and the meaning of Easter.

Interestingly, at HP (one of our customers), most people take weeks of vacation time at Christmas, often because they have so much vacation time stored up. Some people even took Thanksgiving through the day after New Years Day off! Wow! However, I have only heard about one  person taking this week off. I suppose the kids had Spring Break recently but I haven't even heard people taking off a day. Maybe a few will leave a bit early but after all, it's Friday.

I'm really looking forward to the Easter weekend and spending time with my family. My daughter told me today about the stations of the cross and how a woman named Veronica wiped Jesus' face when he was on his way to be crucified. (They had a reenactment at her Catholic school today.) I don't think I even knew the name Veronica when I was 6 years old, much less the significance. Is the meaning lost on you and your kids? I hope not. The bunnies may be out this weekend but this family is thanking God for all that He has given all of us. It's hard to realize the depth of what Christ did for us, but sometimes the thoughts of a child can remind us of how blessed we are.

Many blessings to you and yours this Easter weekend. May the meaning of the holiday fill your heart. Until the next nap time...