Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Easter Celebrations & an Easter Basket Makeover

I love Easter. In case it's not yet on your radar, Easter this year will be Sunday, April 20. It's almost here. I honestly think people should take off extra time from work and school to celebrate Easter just like they do Christmas. It's an important Christian holiday and spending quality time with our families is so important for all ages. Just my two cents.

I know the kids love Easter baskets filled for candy but after reading Dr. McManus and Nancy Mehlert's article on "Easter Basket Ideas: A Makeover" in the April newsletter, I really started thinking that maybe the Easter bunny wants some new healthy ideas. I like their suggestions of some candy like dark chocolate with nuts (healthier than light chocolate and the nuts are good for you too) but also other non-edible treats. I still remember once as a child I was thrilled to get a Garfield sleeping bag that was carefully placed next to my Easter basket. Healthy mental food for thought. I hope you will check out the article "Easter Basket Ideas: A Makeover" and subscribe to their monthly eNewsletter for more healthy suggestions.

Until the next nap time...