Friday, July 25, 2008

Is TeleTubbies to Childish for a 3 Year Old?

My husband does NOT like the TeleTubbies on PBS. I can't really blame him. They don't really talk so it goes against me telling Little K to "use her words." Still, Little K makes up interesting excuses to watch the show sometimes.

This morning, I put on another show but Little K quickly squawked, saying she wanted to watch TeleTubbies because Curious George followed that show. When my husband returned to the room, he tried to convince her (as he always does) that TeleTubbies is too baby-ish for her. Little K quickly corrected him today.

"No, I want to watch TubbyTubbies," she replied. It's hard not to laugh.

Trent followed me out of the room only to point out the independent nature of our 3 year old.

"Didn't someone pray for that?" he questioned.

Yes, I did pray for an independent child. I just hope she sticks with it when she gets to middle & high school. For now, TeleTubbies can keep on playing.

Until the next nap time...