Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mother's Day is 2.5 Weeks Away

Yep, our special day is just a few weeks away & I've really been thinking about it. I'm very lucky in that my mom and my 2 grandmothers are still living. We also are blessed to have my mother-in-law Mary Ann and my husband's paternal grandmother in Illinois. Oh, and don't forget my aunt, who is also my Godmother, who lives one neighborhood north from me. Little K actually has 2 Godmothers. Whew! What a list. How will we spend time with all of these special ladies on Mother's Day?

Well, we won't. Despite some pressure that's been thrown my way, I told Trent this morning that I'd really like to celebrate Mother's Day at home with my immediate family. Maybe I can get my nails done that weekend and we can hang out by the pool with absolutely no agenda. The Salch trio could go to a nice dinner on Saturday night and just enjoy not being in a hurry. At some point, I'll head to my Grandmother's place around the corner to visit with her, too. Maybe I can take my own Mom to lunch on that Friday. I am just putting on the brakes because I don't want to be running all over town or all over my neighborhood trying to please all the special moms in our lives. (Note: it's interesting that most of these people are on MY side of the family. I think that says something about me as a people pleaser.) So here's the plan:

Grandma in Illinois: card
Mother-in-Law Mary Ann: gift & card
My Mom: card (I still want to find the right gift.)
My Grandmother: card and flowers
My Grammy in Ohio: card
My Godmother around the corner: gift & card
Little K's Godmothers: gifts

It's quite a list, don't you think? Hopefully, they'll understand that this Mommy needs some slow-down time. What do you WANT to do for Mother's Day?

Until the next nap time...