Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fish Tales

Expanding Waistes & Memories in Ohio

Well, I picked up Little K from nursery school yesterday to head to the airport. She had a 102.8 fever. Super! A quick dose of Tylenol and we were on our way. Thank goodness we bought a portable DVD player because Little K refused to nap. Grammy & PaPa Don met us at the airport and Little K began to sing "Skip, Skip, Skip to My Lou." This was especially funny considering I used to skip through the airports as a child with PaPa Don. Little K looks nothing like me but I'm constantly reminded by her actions that she is indeed my daughter. Little K's fever returned at some point during the evening so we took another dose of Tylenol and she requested to go to bed at 6:30 pm without dinner. We were all surprised.

Aunt Kenny, Brad & 2 gorgeous dogs paid us a visit after dinner and then we headed to bed.

This morning, we filled up on cereal & fruit and headed out to pick peas in Pa Pa Don's garden. Loads of peas later, we needed to burn off some calories. (I was 10 pounds over weight on the way up here. God knows how much I'll be over by the end of our Ohio trip.) We drove to two local ponds to do a bit of fishing. I caught none, Little K caught one and Pa Pa Don caught several the size of large minnows. Two of us were cratering & needed a nap so we returned back to the house. Little K had lunch & went for a nap. Pa Pa Don & I paid a visit to Miamisburgh for the Hamburger Wagon. These mini burgers with bread, onion & pickle are a special treat. As if the calories weren't enough, we then went to Esther Price for plenty of taste testing of chocolates. A box followed us home.

Little K is now awake from her nap. She calls "Grammy" easy enough, but can't seem to master "Pa Pa Don." Instead, she calls out "Don! Don!" There's no confusing her Pa Pa with Pa Pa Don but we're working on the linguistics.

Until the next nap time...