Thursday, August 03, 2006

August 4: School Supplies Drive

Running through Friday, August 4, DePelchin is requesting school supplies for local children who otherwise might start the school year without needed equipment. Please purchase items from the following list and bring them to DePelchin’s main campus 8 am - 5 pm.

School Supplies:
- Backpacks (mesh or regular)
- Fiskar scissors
- Elmer's glue
- Crayola crayons (16 or 24 packs)
- Crayola markers
- Crayola map pencils
- Pocket folders
- 1 subject spiral notebooks
- Grades 1-5 composition books
- #2 pencils
- Calculators
- Construction paper
- Yellow Highlighters
- Black and blue pens
- Red grading pencils
- Pink erasers
- Lunchboxes
- Rulers
- Kleenex
- 3 ring binders
- Notebook paper
- Graph paper
- Manila paper
- Mechanical pencils

School Clothes (children and teens):
- Khaki slacks or skirtsRed, white, or navy polo shirts
- White tennis shoes- Underwear
- White socks

For more details, visit

Cool Off at Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is a great activity for families in greater Houston. Plus, it's inside so you'll escape the heat. Young visitors will enjoy the Kids Space Place, which serves as an indoor astronaut playground with lots of hands-on activities. Other astronauts-at-heart will love this place for the tram tours of the Johnson Space Center, interactive exhibits and more. Now through Labor Day, Space Center Houston is featuring the Super Heros exhibit, which allows children to experience Super Hero powers. Super Hero activties include:
- Use your super strength to lift a real truck
- Develop incredible night vision
- Experience the magic of flight
- Develop catlike agility and reflexes
- Climb a giant wall like a spider

Allow five hours to take advantage of everything.

Admission: Adults $18; Children (age 4-11) $14. See The Houston Chronicle for 50 percent off coupons. Parking is an additional $4.

10 am - 5 pm weekdays.
10 am - 6 pm weekends.

Space Center Houston is located at 1601 NASA Parkway (formerly NASA Rd. 1), Houston, TX 77058, approximately 25 miles south of downtown Houston in the NASA/Clear Lake area.