Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fun-Filled Day

We had a Mommy & Little K Day on Friday. I can't believe how much I enjoyed it.

First up: a trip to the dentist. It was Little K's first dentist appointment so she was a bit hesitant. The hygenist Miss Lynnda was super about explaining everything and even letting Little K sit upright in the chair. Of course, the treat bag full of toys was helpful, too. I had not prepared myself for my daughter's intrigue. After her cleaning, it was my turn, making it a challenge to supervise a 3 year old while getting my own teeth cleaned. Little K found the tools amazing. After Miss Lynnda skirted the window with the water tool, Little K was investigating everything. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of Miss Lynnda AND Little K cleaning my teeth, drowning me in water & flossing my teeth. That photo would have been priceless.
Tip for next time: bring a toy that will keep Little K engaged for awhile.

After that we went to breakfast at Le Peep with Grand, my mom. It was yummy and great for kids.
We went home and did our artwork. I bought finger paints with little sponges for designing, plus some butcher paper to lay on the driveway. Together, we created two banners that now hang on the fence by our driveway. Little K loved painting her hands & feet so she could do handprints & footprints on the paper . She sang with glee and I realized how much I had missed just hanging out with her.

After school & weekend activities just aren't enough for me. it filled my heart to spend that quality one on one time with her. I realized how BUSY I've become over the last year and how much I've missed with my daughter. Not to be too hard on myself, we do a lot of stuff together after school & on weekends. But I was carefully reminded on Friday that this time passes too quickly. I'm determined to make more of these moments.

Until the next nap time...